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As close as it
gets to a fairytale...

Scotland is a country synonymous with ancient castles, rugged landscapes and quaint traditions.  The history, scenery and heritage combine to give it a strong sense of romance, that offers perhaps the closest thing to a fairy-tale that the modern-day bride and groom can hope to find.  For hundreds of years, Scotland has been a well know destination for elopements.  Once upon a time, due to differences in the laws, runaway couples from England would cross the border to Gretna to be wed.  Nowadays, couples travel from all over the world to be married in Scotland.

In Scotland, couples have the freedom to marry anywhere they wish; whether on a rugged clifftop, on the banks of a majestic loch or in the ruins of an ancient castle and you can choose from a variety of ceremony styles to fit with your personal beliefs.  For couples wishing to embrace Scottish traditions, your ceremony can include the charming Scottish traditions of handfasting or drinking from the Quaich and no Scottish wedding is complete without the sound of bagpipes.

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When we work with you to plan your Scottish elopement, we're there every step of the way to build your dream wedding and create the trip of a lifetime for you both.  Every aspect of your wedding celebration is uniquely tailored to you, from finding the perfect location to the right photographer to fit with your style and all the elements to bring together the happiest day of your lives and we've worked hard to find the best suppliers and packages to suit intimate celebrations.


As we specialise in planning destination weddings for clients based overseas, we have adapted the way we work to accommodate  the distance-based process.  We use sophisticated online systems to share effortlessly every detail of the wedding and we keep in regular contact with our clients over Skype, regardless of the timezone.  As well as planning weddings, we are also experts at managing the unique demands of a destination wedding - from visa applications to travel assistance.

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